Dumb-ass passenger in my taxi opens door on a passing car

Adelaide Airport, South Australia, Australia
14. 06. 2018 / 12:10pm
Category: Accident 


Sir Richard Williams Ave, ADELAIDE AIRPORT

An accident with my taxi, that could have been easily avoided. One of the three passengers that was sitting behind me (right rear seat) was too ignorant to at least look FIRST, before opening the door.

I know that the other taxi that hit me wasn't speeding because it shows beforehand, that he was just getting in his car ready to leave after I passed him.

You can clearly see, that I had parked perfectly. I don't believe that the other taxi was too close, it was just unfortunate that it happened and it totally screwed my day up (and the other driver)

NOW.... here the really stupid part about it. Apparently (as far as in South Australia goes at least) the passenger that opened my door on my taxi is not liable for the damage! I had to call the federal police since this guy did not want to give me his details. The federal police said to me that due to some new legislation, the passenger in a taxi is not obligated to give his details due to confidential reasons and the fact that he's not the registered owner and is a paying passenger for that service. That my friends is what I call..... Fucked beyond belief.

If you motorists out there would like to question or comment about this incident, please feel free.

P.S. A word of advice, especially if you drive a public passenger vehicle like a taxi..... Put on that bloody child lock on the right hand rear door!!! Believe me, I definitely will from now on

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