Very slow on amber or run red light

Cairns North, Queensland, Australia
07. 02. 2018 / 12:00am


The car from right to left is slow as well .....

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Taxiride acum 6 luni

I assume that this situation was when that the red car had no green arrow? If that's the case, this my friend that you have shown here is by far THE most annoying thing that I personally experienced on the road. I can't begin to describe how frickin annoying it is when you wait behind these bastards, and they sit there and they sit there and sit there and they sit there and they will NOT move until that light is just about red and then go. Sometimes they don't move at all and then you'll have to wait another cycle of lights. Sometimes these intersections have no green arrows at certain times like 7-9am and 4-6pm. In this particular situation...... mate I can tell you now..... you wish you had a bloody bulldozer to just mow down these absolute pricks of drivers that have no idea about driving through these intersections. This.... my friend is what leads to road rage to a point where one day some motorist waiting behind is going to get out of his car and absolutely smash that prick of driver's face in and put him/her in hospital. Who would agree with me?